KMD Ju-jitsu Academy

Women and Ju-jitsu

In its simplistic form Ju-jitsu translates into English as 'the gentle art'. The term seems a contradiction when applied to a self defense system designed to disable an attacker until you realise that in Ju-jitsu, 'force is not directly opposed, but given way to and redirected' - this is the basic principle behind most techniques.

Ju-jitsu relies on speed, fluidity of movement and strikes to vulnerable areas. Women can learn techniques which will enable them to disable a bigger, heavier and stronger attacker, with a throw, a well placed kick, or strike.

If the situation requires something more, than a plain kick or punch, a lock or throw for instance, then Ju-jitsu has an arsenal of techniques on which to call upon.

Ju-jitsu is a very physical art, lots of throws, lock and hold-downs. Like most things in life your get out what you put in - give us a try you might just be surprised.

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