KMD Ju-jitsu Academy

Senior Ju-jitsu

In its simplistic form Ju-jitsu translates into English as 'the gentle art'. The term seems a contradiction when applied to a self defense system designed to disable an attacker until you realise that in Ju-jitsu, 'force is not directly opposed, but given way to and redirected' - this is the basic principle behind most techniques.

Ju-jitsu relies on speed, fluidity of movement and strikes to vulnerable areas. Women can learn techniques which will enable them to disable a bigger, heavier and stronger attacker, with a throw, a well placed kick, or strike.

If the situation requires something more than a plain kick or punch, a lock or throw for instance, then Ju-jitsu has an arsenal of techniques on which to call upon.

Ju-jitsu is a very physical art, lots of throws, lock and hold-downs. Like most things in life your get out what you put in - give us a try you might just be surprised.

What our Students say -

"kmd ju-jitsu is a great place to train. A friendly and supportive environment. learn something every week."
I. Dumper, Andover
"Great Sensei, Paul has been doing this since god was a boy and knows how to make Ju-Jitsu work for you, and trains to accommodate real world situations making his style affective and practical for both young and old. I have trained with Paul on and off over the years and can highly recommend him and his senior team. Wishing all at KMD good luck and good grades in the future."
P. O'Callaghan, Andover

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