KMD Ju-jitsu Academy

Children and Ju-jitsu

You know how fickle your children's interests can be, the challenge with any martial art is keeping children interested so that learning becomes fun.

Ju-jitsu doesn't rely on the repetitive katas or patterns (exercise forms) that many Martial arts rely on for their content. This doesn't mean they are not important, however the repetitive nature of these kata or pattern exercises bore younger children and they can quickly lose interest.

In addition to the standard syllabus techniques, lessons also include, back to back wrestling (a good rough and tumble), Randori (a good standing pull around), and team games.

This keeps the lessons interesting, fun and lively. Young new comers are often given a more experienced student to help them with the basics. This promotes confidence in the timid student and produces a friendly environment in which to learn.

What our parents say -

"I would like to thank you for the Ju-jitsu classes that my son has been going to as he has behavior issues and is borderline ADHD and the classes that he has been going to have helped him calm down and it has built his confidence as that was quite low. He has found something that he very much enjoys."
B. Bushnell, Andover
"Ju-jitsu has had a hugely positive effect on my kids. It has boosted their confidence and is teaching them inspiring lessons about discipline and striving to do better, they are really enjoying working their way up the belt system. Master Paul is a great teacher, the kids respond well to him and as a parent I have found him to be very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend KMD Ju-jitsu academy."
B Ritchie, Andover
"Since my son has been going to KMD Ju-jitsu it has helped with his discipline, to listen and carry out instructions when given."
K Horner, Andover

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