KMD Ju-jitsu Academy

Our instructor

Shihan Simpson 7th Dan Master

Shihan Simpson 7th Dan Master has in excess of 40 years experience in Martial arts, Ju-jitsu, Aikido and judo to name a few.

He is highly motivated and dedicated to passing on his knowledge to enthusiastic students.

Master Simpson started Ju-jitsu in 1981 under the watch eyes of Shihan McKenzie-Smith (then Sensei McKenzie-Smith) of the British Bushido Association (now the International Bushido Association) and achieved 1st Dan black belt in 1984.

Through-out his Decades of dedicated training he has also had opportunities to study other martial arts such as Aikido with long time friend Sensei Graham Johnson 3rd Dan and Taekwondo with long time friend Mr John Reeves 3rd Degree Black belt.

Sensei Simpson 1st Dan

Sensei Simpson Started Ju-jitsu at the age of 4 and achieved 1st Dan black belt in 2016. He has been a dedicated practiciner of Ju-jitsu and hopes to have his own school one day.


KMD Ju-jitsu Academy is affiliated to the Amateur Martial Association (AMA), this is the largest multi-martial arts association in the united kingdom. The AMA is recognised by the worlds leading martial arts organisations and governing bodies.

You can be assured that all instructor are fully insured and DBS checked and backed by a major martial arts governing body.